The most important information for you at a glance

How long does it usually take to receive the goods from the time I place the order?

As soon as we receive your order, we will pick the glasses for you in our warehouse. Then each frame has to pass the critical eyes of our final inspection. Only when everything fits 100%, the glasses are packed and sent on their way to you. Depending on the volume, this can take about 2 working days.

The shipping service provider UPS collects your package from us and in standard shipping it usually takes 2 working days within Germany until delivery to your shop. In neighbouring EU countries you can also expect about the same delivery time.

If the shipment is made to a country outside the EU, e.g. Switzerland, some time must be allowed for customs clearance.

Gibt es eine Mindestabnahmemenge?

No, there is no minimum order quantity here. Of course, you can also buy a single pair of glasses. However, in the interest of sustainability, we ask that you combine orders as much as possible.

How is it shipped?

We ship with UPS and use standard shipping.

Within Germany and most neighbouring EU countries, the transit time is approx. 2 working days. Outside the EU you have to allow 1-2 days for customs clearance.

The corresponding costs will be displayed at the checkout when you complete your order.

If you need your delivery very urgently, we can also send it by express for an additional charge. Simply write us a corresponding instruction in the "Comment" field at the shop checkout.

How can payment be made?

The terms of payment for online orders are the same as those stored in your FUNK customer account.

Are the models available in different sizes?

Our models are only available in the specified size. However, we have models that are very similar in shape and differ mainly in size. This means that you may find the right model for you and your customer here.

Can I also have a model in another colour?

After we have our own manufactory, there is virtually nothing that is impossible. That means we can be very creative in the Dieter Funk and Sashee Schuster collections. And also in the FUNK Food collection, you can do a lot with our special hand-dyeing technique. However, these are always individual special productions and we ask you to discuss this with your FUNKrep before placing an order in the online shop.

Die Lieferzeit bis zur Fertigstellung bzw. Auslieferung dieser Sonderanfertigung muss ebenfalls individuell abgeklärt werden.

We ask for your understanding that specially and individually made glasses cannot be exchanged or returned.

Can I still change an order I have placed?

As we do our utmost to process your order as quickly as possible, orders that have been placed can only be changed to a limited extent. If something does not fit, please contact our sales department as soon as possible: stock@funk.de or 08869-912-900.

How do I get advertising material / logos etc.?

Du findest hier im Shop auch eine Seite, von der aus Du Dir viele Logos, Fotos etc. direkt herunterladen kannst.

You will also find materials such as banners, posters and our collection books, which you can easily order directly in the shop.

Do you need something extra or individual? You are welcome to ask your FUNKrep about this or send us an e-mail to marketing@funk.de.

Can I return goods purchased in the online shop to FUNK?

You have certainly already discussed our returns policy with your FUNKrep. The frames purchased here in the online shop also fall under this regulation.

I have a complaint - can I order the replacement directly here?

Before you directly order a new pair of glasses here in the shop, we ask you to contact either yourFUNKrep or our internal sales service. Because in the spirit of sustainability, and with a manufacture in the background, it is often possible to repair damage or possibly only replace part of the glasses with a spare part.

... or do you have a question that we couldn't answer here?