After many years of the "male" Dieter Funk and "female" Sashee Schuster collections, Dieter & Sashee are taking a new step.

They merge with all their rough edges to form the independent eyewear brand FUNK / SCHUSTER and show the power and style of a joint eyewear collection from these two personalities.
Both have answered questions that explain the FU / SCHU / SION:
You have already been delivering your eyewear models with the new logo and name for a few months now. Why are you doing this now or has anyone already noticed?
We have always loved the "just do it" principle. But ... only very attentive "followers" of our two brands have noticed that something is going on here.

Is there anything to say about the new Fusion logo, or what do you want to say with it?
We tried to combine the infinity in Dieter Funk's logo with the lightness of Sashee Schuster's logo - and we think we succeeded!

Why is there a merger at all, what were your thoughts on it and what was the reason for the final decision?
In our many years of experience designing countless pairs of glasses, we have realised that our customers want a common thread. A common thread?
For us it was: Dieter designs exclusively for men, Sashee only designs female shapes ...
We never liked the fact that this was sometimes missing in both collections - the female and the male side! So at some point we came up with the idea of "We're merging!" From now on, there will be a single, well-balanced collection from FUNK.

Are you sad to have given something up? Or do you only see positives in the merger?
The identity of a collection becomes much clearer! 2 designers, 1 vision, 1 idea, from "woman to woman" combined with from "man to man". Now also: from "man to woman" from "woman to man".

The special laminations - called UNIQUE at Sashee - are they now also available for the more masculine acetate frames?
Yes, and it's really fun, because Dieter Funk always had the more solid frames, in which a lamination can of course look even better. Men can also wear discreet laminations, more muted colours such as lapacho, tobacco or even silk fabrics, which are then suitable for pocket squares or ties.

What's in store for the future? What's new in the collection?
We are combining and refining titanium with acetate, adding colour to the collection, there are new recycled acetate colours - and we will be designing more statement frames. This is our speciality, and FUNK is defined by it.

What about the past of the two brands? Is there anything you have regretted? Wrong decisions? Or simply stories that have written the life of your brand(s)?
We have often lacked patience. As we would both prefer to do everything ourselves, or at least realise it in our own home, we have to realise from time to time that this is not possible. So we were sometimes far too early with designs that later grew up elsewhere.
We have also brought out new developments such as titanium frames far too early without putting our end product through its paces. Unfortunately, it is only through merciless practical experience that you realise where the shortcomings lie in everyday use! We have always reacted quickly and consistently, but sometimes a small shadow remains. But we have overcome that.

And what are you particularly proud of?
That we have a fantastic team that supports and encourages innovation. That we are constantly improving. We are proud that we have gained so much experience in 31 years. That we got to know the last trained spectacle makers from Passau and learnt from them.

You are one of the few eyewear manufacturers in Germany. You can experiment a lot, is there more to say?
We have been running our manufactory for almost 18 years, during which time we have continued to develop. This will not change in the future. Our prototyping of new models has gained enormous momentum thanks to the mix of old and new techniques. The development of materials today also makes much more possible and faster than a few years ago.

Recycled acetate - you were one of the first to do this. Are other colours planned?
Leaving the best possible ecological footprint: we do nothing less than that with our recycled acetate. We only use our own leftovers for recycling. Here we can fully trace the origin of the materials, we know all the ingredients. This means we know exactly what we are recycling and can therefore offer consistent quality.

Shapes - do you have any favourites? Where are you going with your collection?
Now we are united with male, female, unisex.
Diversity is the motto of our collection.
Statement is our statement, quality is our hobbyhorse - manufacturing is our passion.
And our claim has always been: In FUNK/SCHUSTER we trust!
November 08, 2023