Of master spectacle makers, bandmasters and world champions

At FUNK it is often said that the boss has several personalities. This is not whispered about among colleagues, it is a clear thing. And Dieter Funk can rightly be very proud of his personalities, because every single one of them delivers top performance. So it is hardly surprising that his company FUNK Eyewear has been stirring up the optical industry for 30 years now. FUNK Eyewear is just the right mix: young, visionary and hip start-up with an established and experienced company. All this under the leadership of Dieter Funk: designer, optician, DJ firmly rooted in the music and art scene, visionary, eyewear maker, ...

To celebrate the 30th anniversary, Dieter Funk invited other personalities to Kinsau.

On the weekend of 16 and 17 July 2022, a big party with a beer tent took place on the grounds of the FUNK headquarters in Kinsau. From the children's bouncy castle to manufacturing tours and helicopter tours, there was a lot on offer. The birthday party was not only a culinary highlight, but also a musical one: Jesper Munk had travelled all the way from Berlin to Kinsau and performed together with the Big Band Schongau, which created a brilliant party atmosphere in the tent. On Sunday, the Kinsau brass band sparked Dieter Funk's talent as a conductor - and so the spectacle maker spontaneously became the bandmaster.

But other champions also attended the celebration: World Champion in Kickboxing Ibrahim Karakoc brought the eleven-year-old, newly crowned World Champion and four-time German Champion Livia Rudi with him.

Many master opticians and optometrists also graced the FUNK festival. They were given guided tours of the glass factory, where there was of course also time to ask questions and talk shop with the spectacle makers. The doors of the manufactory were of course open to all other visitors and many members of the FUNK family, from relatives to former crew members, came along to celebrate together.

A fantastic celebration in the best weather and relaxed atmosphere - the visitors were thrilled!

For FUNK it is now: after the party is before the party. Because on 27 August, the FUNK Anniversary Tour will stop at Laden Berlin, where the traditional/legendary summer party will take place in the backyard.

July 20, 2022