Welcome to FUNK Eyewear

We are one of the last eyewear manufacturers in Germany and handcraft our DIETER FUNK and SASHEE SCHUSTER eyewear collections locally in Upper Bavaria and under sustainable premises.

We also operate our own stores in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Kinsau, Munich and Vienna.

Get to know our designers Dieter Funk and Sashee Schuster and their eyewear creations. Watch how our glasses are made by hand. Experience how our opticians take care of your good vision.

Our collections

Dieter Funk

Dieter Funk eyewear is a true object of style. From "classic" to "statement", they combine the highest craftsmanship with quality standards and a sustainable premise in their expressive design. 

Sashee Schuster

Whenever Sashee Schuster works on new ideas, she draws her inspiration from nature. Her models are a tribute to women: classic, timeless, independent of fashions, ageless. Simply beautiful!

A tour of the transparent manufacturing workshop

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The main material of our spectacles

Cotton acetate

Our glasses are made of the natural material cotton acetate. We process it with a lot of sensitivity and passion. We often combine it with titanium or stainless steel.

And we love acetate so much that we can't even part with the cut-outs that come up when we make glasses. We use them to make new acetate sheets and thus more glasses.

In addition, our acetate warehouse also includes some records that are a good 20 years old and from which we always create limited vintage editions.