"Sometimes it's simply a matter of principle."

We at FUNK are aware of our responsibility towards our environment and its resources. That's why we as a company not only try to decide according to sustainable aspects, but also to act. In concrete terms, this applies, for example, to the construction of our headquarters in 2016, transparent production in Germany and fair and pleasant cooperation. We think sustainability is a basic attitude.

And it is precisely this claim that determines our actions every day. When we work on new designs, for example, we take a lot of time to develop and select suitable materials. In the end, not only should the shape fit exactly, but we also want to be able to print the name FUNK in every new pair of glasses with a clear conscience.

FUNK Eyewear Nachhaltigkeit
FUNK Eyewear Recycling Acetat
FUNK Eyewear Brillenbügel Dieter Funk

"Okay, granted, we're bean counters."

At least in terms of sustainability. Because we want to move big things and still leave as small an ecological footprint as possible.

FUNK Eyewear Icon Umweltschutz

Climate-friendly headquarters

For the new building of the FUNK headquarters in Kinsau, Bavaria, we teamed up with craftsmen from the region and relied on natural materials. Our neighbour supplies us with district heating, which he in turn generates with wood from the nearby forests. A solar system on the roof makes the headquarters self-sufficient and feeds surplus energy into the grid.

FUNK Eyewear Icon Manufaktur

Production with mountain view

We like short distances. So who's surprised that our eyewear travels less than 200 metres from the manufactory to the flagship store in Kinsau? But that's not the only reason why we produce locally: we have made it our mission to keep a craft that has died out in this country alive and to strengthen the region through healthy growth.

FUNK Eyewear Icon Naturmaterialien

Natural talent

Our weakness for natural materials is no longer a secret. We'll tell you one more thing right away: the glasses in the Sashee Schuster "Colours of Nature" collection even contain real, collected and dried natural materials. For example, Sashee processes blossoms, leaves, spices or even feathers into unique frames. Beautiful like the colours of nature.

FUNK Eyewear Icon Vintage love

A heart for vintage

Our manufacture always benefits from Dieter Funk's passion for collecting. As soon as the spectacle maker discovers old machines or tools, he can't be stopped. So it is not only technology from days gone by that is in Kinsau, but our team also knows exactly how to maintain and repair it. Oh yes, we almost forgot about the 8 tonnes of vintage acetate. Others have a wine cellar, we at FUNK let fancy acetate records from the last decades "mature" on our shelves.

FUNK Eyewear Icon Recycling

Recycling acetate

Did you know that acetate is a product of natural origin? Acetate consists mainly of cotton and we love our main raw material so much that we even collect the leftovers from making glasses and press them back into new acetate sheets. What a wonderful cycle!

FUNK Eyewear Icon Frauenpower

Female empowerment

As a family-friendly and modern company, it is a matter of course for us that every employee has an important place, regardless of gender. Actually, this should be nothing special nowadays. Nevertheless, we would like to mention that more than 60% of our FUNK team is made up of women. Together we are a colourful, creative and successful mixture.

FUNK Eyewear Icon reparieren

Repair instead of throwing away

Our ambition is to make glasses of the highest quality for you that will ideally accompany you for a lifetime and give you pleasure in everyday life. So if a temple is loose or another repair is due, we'll take care of it in our workshop or even directly in our optical stores. By the way, with Joko we have the best "eyewear extreme tester" ever on board. He occasionally presents us with great challenges through his courageous competitions, but we always give our best. Because what we like best is to put a stop to the throwaway society!