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Welcome to the FUNK Headquarters!

Our home base is in the tranquil village of Kinsau. This is where all the threads come together and interweave to create new ideas. In addition to the "Gläsernen Manufaktur" and Sashee and Dieter's studio, our headquarters house the administration, warehouse and shipping department as well as the FUNK Optik flagship store, the vision centre with perhaps the largest selection of glasses between Lake Constance and Lake Chiemsee.

Our glasses are also available in our own FUNK Optik stores in Munich, Berlin, Düsseldorf and Vienna as well as at selected optical shops around the globe. Simply use the dealer search and find the FUNK optician near you.Simply use Händlersuche and find the FUNK optician near you.

The eyewear of our two brands Sashee Schuster and Dieter Funk is made right here in Kinsau. From the initial design work right through to production in the manufactory. When Sashee and Dieter join forces, they really let off steam under the name Funk Food. Even if this label is not produced in the in-house manufactory, its eyewear bears the unmistakable signature of the two FUNK designers.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter which collection it comes from: no frame can get past the scrutiny of our strict final inspection.

FUNK Eyewear Versand Lager
FUNK eyewear Nachhaltigkeit Manufaktur
FUNK Eyewear Headquarter Ladenfront

The FUNK History

Not least from this wealth of experience the two FUNK designers draw the inspiration for their current collections.


It all started 30 years ago. Colourful glasses and unusual shapes laid the foundation for FUNKsunglasses in 1992. The creative mind behind it: Dieter Funk - optician and co-founder of the legendary label "Freudenhaus" in Munich. Dieter is a designer, head of character and DJ with close ties to the artist and musician scene. Always at his side: his partner Sashee Schuster.

Dieter's first collection was based on the principle of "doing it differently". The "haute couture" sunglasses, which were actually not wearable, attracted all eyes, the media were grateful for something new, unusual in the otherwise bleak eyewear landscape. A real hype arose around FUNK and Dieter immediately launched a second, somewhat more discreet collection. With this, he hit the zeitgeist and right into the heart of the techno and boarder scene of the early 90s. Even big international stars like Lenny Kravitz, Bootsy Collins, Busta Rhymes, Anastacia and Brad Pitt were spotted wearing FUNK sunglasses.


With his FUNKroyal collection, Dieter Funk now designed eyewear that not only expressed his claim to quality and seriousness, but also displayed the extravagance so typical of FUNK. Dieter entered new territory, because for the first time he showed corrective frames in a collection alongside sunglasses.


Sashee and Dieter fulfilled a long-held dream by founding their own eyewear manufactory in the small Bavarian village of Kinsau. They made it their mission to save the craft of spectacle making, which is almost extinct in Germany, from oblivion. The two went in search of former spectacle makers who could teach them their craft. Initially rather sceptical, the older gentlemen soon came to the manufactory with joy and willingly shared their expertise with Sashee and Dieter.

Since then, the designs can be realised much more clearly thanks to in-house production with cotton acetate. With up to 170 steps from cutting to polishing, a high level of skill, care and experience is required.


On 15 July 2017, Sashee, Dieter and their team celebrated the company's 25th anniversary with the opening of the new headquarters in Kinsau. The new building houses the administration, the warehouse, the shipping department, the FUNK Optik flagship store and, above all, the heart of the company: the spectacle manufacture.

In the meantime, Sashee and Dieter are training spectacle makers themselves and soon there will be an academy where opticians will be able to learn the craft of spectacle making in courses and workshops in the future.

People should be able to see and learn where and by whom their glasses were made. So it goes without saying that the doors of the Gläsernen Manufaktur are always open. True to the motto "we are spectacle makers with a passion and we made your glasses".


Over the years, one thing has not changed: Then as now, Sashee and Dieter place the highest value on quality, sustainability and transparency. Especially in these times when suddenly the whole world is upside down, there will be a return to honest craftsmanship and durable products Made in Germany. Sashee and Dieter are sure to continue to make a - perhaps even bigger - contribution to this positive development in the future.


The big anniversary year: To mark the 30th company anniversary, Funk is organising a big "Anniversary Tour" with celebrations in all FUNK Optik stores and at the headquarters in Kinsau.